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Photographic Services

  • Images for Business
  • Photographic Restoration
  • Photographic Manipulation
  • Photographic Printing
  • Photographic Promotional Products


Simon Nottage Photography Invest in
Images for Business

- Simon Nottage Photography

Whatever you are selling, your product will only be perceived to be as good as its image. A professional photograph by Simon Nottage Photography brings your product to life. A professionally shot image will help to give your company the edge in these difficult times. Help yourself by contacting us for further details.

Remember - A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE is worth a thousand words, but a poor image loses you the sale.

  • Product Shots for Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Websites etc
  • Architectural Shots for the construction and property industry
  • Atmospheric Landscapes for Boardrooms, Receptions, Hotels or the Home

We will carefully optimise your images and print them onto a variety of media, from Professional Photogloss to Exhibition quality Canvas - contact us for details.

Photographic Restoration


An example of a 'before and after', showing what can be achieved with a little patience

Over the last century, many thousands of old 'black and white' photographs have been taken and are now languishing in a loft or at the back of a dresser drawer. Wherever they are, one thing is for certain - the silver or platinum chemistry that created the images in the first place, is being attacked by the air and light around you. Your precious photographs are just fading away..... In many cases it is already too late to save some of your most precious memories.

DON'T LEAVE IT TOO LATE! Whatever the state of your photographs, in the majority of cases they can be improved. We have the skill (and patience) to bring your treasured memories back to life - literally before your eyes. We can repair tears, scratches mildew damage, fading, colour loss, etc., etc. In fact, we have many amazed customers who have admitted that after our "treatment", the resultant prints look far, far better than the originals ever did.

  • Your old photographs are slowly dying... Give them a new lease of life and preserve a unique piece of social history!

Photographic Manipulation

Now and again, your Photographs may need a creative professional makeover. Your 'Once in a lifetime' shots are too dark, Aunt Bessie has a tree growing out of her head during her 60th Birthday Party, or your Wedding guests were all looking in different directions. Even a little photographic cosmetic surgery has been known to be used successfully!

Whatever your predicament we are here to help create that perfect image, even if it wasn't so perfect on the day! We are more than happy to discuss your photographic problems - phone or email us with your requirements, and if required, we would be more than happy to offer a little 'extra tuition' to improve your photographic technique.

  • We are expert at Image Manipulation, Masking, Cropping, Cut & Paste, Balancing Colour, Exposure etc, Sharpening and more.

Bollington Printshop - because "We're passionate about Photography!"

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